I'm thinking about studying at UBC or UOT for MLA! Do you know anything about those programs?


yaayyy! I don’t honestly know much about either program… but I will tell you what little I do know.

UBC - There is a lady I kind of know in my program who went to do her MLarch at UBC. She had done the Environmental Design undergrad at the U of Manitoba, like I did. She ended up spending all of her time teaching her classmates how to use the programs and how to do things properly because she was the only one that knew how, apparently. She didn’t learn anything new that year and spent more time teaching than learning, so she came back to the U of Manitoba. That story is now kind of legendary in our department now. Lots of people talk about it. I guess we’re proud? But also ashamed for UBC. Now, I’ve been one of the first to admit our program is not the best, but honestly, it’s actually pretty freaking decent. And honestly, I don’t know anything about UBC’s program, I just know what this one girl’s experience was.

U of T - I think this one is more urban design based. I hear it’s less heavy on design than my university is. There is also a prof in the Faculty of Environment (Brad Bass) that I really would love to work with. But that is a selfish thesis reason. 

***If anyone is currently in, or have been, in the masters of landscape architecture program at either of these universities, and feel like sharing their experiences, click on down to my ask page and tell me about it!***

Ultimately, I think the best way to proceed would be to read up on each of the Universities. Find out if they publish a book of student work (it’s quite common in architecture that they do this.. My school, for example, publishes a book called Warehouse Journal every year, which is full of student work from that year from all of the departments) see if you can get your hands on one. The formal descriptions on the websites are often just sales pitches, so to actually learn about the program; how it works, what they learn, and how, the best way to do that is to look at student work. Also, look up the professors. See what kind of work they do, and what their areas of interest are. This will also tell you more about what the school is about. And if you’re in the neighbourhood during their open house, goooo!